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Bartender Training and Certification

We are professional bartenders who know how to work a bar and make our employers and customers happy. We know that learning how to be a great bartender does not come easy, let alone getting your first bar job. We think there is an easier way. So, we created BarSling to help more people enter and thrive in our industry.

BarSlings Online Bartender Course is designed to accelerate learning by passing on our knowledge in a way that is totally relevant to finding bar work, convenient, and affordable.

We know you are in a rush, so our online course only takes a couple of hours to complete and our BarSling Bartender Certificate lets employers know what you have been trained in and that you’re not going to start from zero when they employ you.

If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Good luck with your course!

Cheers – The Barsling Team

How BarSling Bartender Certification Works

BarSling is an online educational website that provides users with the information and skills that they would require to start working behind a bar. While it doesn’t claim to make you a master mixologist in a few easy classes, it will however provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge that will be more than enough to get you on your feet. 

The customer experience begins with going through structured topic modules that progressively introduce all things bar work, and then test the user after each module. Each test must be completed before the user can begin the next module. Once all the module tests have been completed the user can attempt the final quiz, which randomly asks questions sourced from all of the modules.

Once this final quiz is passed BarSling will generate a certificate with a unique student code, the user’s name, date of completion, and list the topics completed. This certificate will help boost chances of employment and recognises that the user has undergone bar training.

Calling Bar Owners and Managers

You should consider BarSling as a relevant and easy to administer training tool for your staff.

Please contact us to arrange a discounted rate for your team.